GATE Identification

                                Rowland Unified School District

Gifted and Talented Education

Program (GATE)

Program (GATE)

       Dr. Maria G. Ott, Superintendent


Identification of gifted children begins early in your child’s education. From grade 2 on, teachers look for signs of “giftedness.” That is, they look for curiosity beyond what is typical at that age, the ability to work quickly and independently, self-motivation, and advanced reasoning ability.


The opportunity for formal identification for GATE begins at the end of the third grade and continues until the child finishes school. Once a child is identified, he/she remains in the GATE program throughout school unless the parents hear otherwise.


The criteria for being identified are:

Exemplary school work

High achievement on California Standards Assessment Test

An assessment given specifically for GATE identification

Recommendation of the classroom teacher Identification the previous year or at a previous school


When a child meets the above criteria, the parent is notified and must give written permission for enrollment in the GATE program.



Parents can encourage and support their gifted child by:

Learning about giftedness

Attending parent education classes offered by the district and other organizations

Communicating with your child’s teacher to learn how you can support your child’s work

Giving your GATE child encouragement to work up to their potential

Point out their special abilities, yet help him/her not to get conceited or look down on other students who aren’t as fortunate as they are

Work with your child especially the younger child, to develop ideas and projects

Ask thought provoking questions about a topic and help your chills to develop intellectual curiosity

Take your child places which stimulate the mind

Help your child to assess his/her own work and effort.



www.cagifted.orgCalifornia Association for the Gifted (CAG)


www.nagc.orgNational Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)