Rowland Unified School District

Gifted and Talented Education

Program (GATE)

Program (GATE)

The GATE Program

        Dr. Maria G. Ott, Superintendent


Gifted students have unique educational needs that require teachers to provide them with the challenge and motivation to develop and appreciate learning, a value for their own intellectual development, and the aptitude for scholarly achievements. Students who participate in this specially funded program are enrolled in the GATE program.


Gate students in Rowland Unified School District experience the basic curriculum, but have differentiated instruction at school and during extra activities.


Teachers use advanced strategies to enhance the learning of GATE students with attention to pacing, depth, intellectual appropriateness, and interests. The generally work in groups of 3-5 of their intellectual peers during part if the day to experience an enriched and expanded curriculum. High school students have the opportunity to take Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes in many subjects, including the extremely rigorous program call the International Baccalaureate Program (IB).


Students must work independently on three projects throughout the year. These projects must demonstrate a higher level of ability and complexity. These projects must be creative and represent divergent thinking.

After school workshops throughout the year provide specialized opportunities to GATE

students, such as rocketry, chess, and drama.