Extra Classes and Programs

                                Rowland Unified School District

Gifted and Talented Education

Program (GATE)

Program (GATE)

       Dr. Maria G. Ott, Superintendent

Cal Arts in Valencia http://www.innerspark.us
Offers four weeks of exploration, discovery, and hard work designed to unleash the creative power of talented high school students interested in music, theatre, video and film, visual arts, dance, creative writing, and animation. Programs start July 8 and ends in August 5. For applications and details, call (916) 274-5815 or visit the website.

California Association for the Gifted (CAG) http://www.cagifted.org
1215 K Street, Suite 940, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 441-3999
Offers demonstration Summer School, a one-week parent seminar on classroom observation of exemplary differentiated curriculum.

Dr. B's Summer Science Destinations http://www.destinationscience.org; Offers a series of year-round dynamic programs in which science technology and research are combined to give participants ages 9-14 first-hand experience in laboratories with scientists. For detailed information, call Dr. Richard Boolootian at (818) 981-3473 or visit the website.

Gifted Children’s Association of The San Fernando Valley
13418 Debby Street, Valley Glenn, CA 91401 (818) 782-2306
Three two-week sessions are offered children age 4 through grade 9. Sessions run during July and August. Half-day and full-day programs are available. Call the office for classes visit the website

Idyllwild Arts http://www.idyllwildarts.org
Resident programs are offered in the visual and performing arts as well as creative writing for children, youth, adults, and families. Special scholarships are available on a limited basis. Classes are scheduled in July-August. Call Steve Fraider at (213) 622-0355.

Los Angeles Public Libraries
Children may participate in a variety of library activities by signing up at one of the 71 branches or the Central Library, where the following is being offered:


· The Children's Summer Reading Club, 2006, "Building Stories: Participants will receive materials. Magicians, story-tellers, authors, animal trainers, puppets, illustrators and musicians are some of the performers who will entertain and encourage children to read. Call Ilene Abramson, Director, Children Services, at (213) 228-7481.


· The Teen Reading Club, 2006: "There is a Little Manga in Everyone." Participants will read, learn to draw Manga, meet artists and editors from the publisher Tokoyop when they join the club. They will receive materials including a book bag, reading log, folder, bookmark, and membership card. For information, call the Young Adult Services Department at (213) 228-7510 or visit the website,www.lapl.org/teenscape.


Los Angeles Zoo http://www.lazoo.org
5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027-1498
Offers “Zoo Camp” which is eight one-week sessions about animals for children pre-school through grade 6 from June through August, from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Tuition fee differs for members and non-members. (323) 644-4200.


Occidental College, Department of Biology http://www.oxy.edu/oxy/marinebio/summer
1600 Campus Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90041 (323) 259-2890
Offers a five-week intensive summer course for high school students entering their senior year. Students are introduced to organisms (marine bacteria, plankton algae, invertebrates, fish, and mammals) as well as their interaction in Marine Ecology, Fisheries Biology, Aquaculture, and Pollution Studies. Contact Dr. Gary Martin.

Pasadena Arts Center College of Design http://www.artcenter.edu
South Campus, 950 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105 (626) 396-2319


· "The Art Center High" offers high school students (Grades 9-12) an opportunity to explore a variety of creative disciplines and study with a faculty of artists and designers who import the relevance of professional practice into the classroom.


· "The Art Center for Kids" offers students (Grades 4-8) design activities that develop creativity, innovation, and visual literacy. For tuition cost and scholarship information, call Paula Goodman at (626) 396-2319.


Plaza De La Raza School of Performing and Visual Arts http://www.plazadelaraza.org
3540 N. Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (323) 223-2475
Located in Lincoln Park, this school provides a multi-disciplinary program in theater, dance, music, and visual arts that is devoted to the development of the artistic spirit in young people. Summer session is from July through August for students ages 5-19.


Summer Institute for the Gifted www.giftedstudy.com

Classes are held on UCLA campus in August as follows:


· Provides instruction in more than eighty academic, arts, and recreational courses during its regular academic schedule as well as free choice recreational activities and special evening programs M-F.


· On weekends, students participate in a variety of activities (off-campus trips on Saturdays, Sunday Creativity Day, and extended evening programs) that provide a change of pace and further enrichment specifically designed for the academically gifted student.


· Every student selects five courses, one of which can be a study tutorial. Each class meets five times a week for seventy-five minutes.


· There is a supervised tutorial session each evening. Call for information at (866) 303-4744 or e-mail <sig.info@aif.com>.


Yunasa <www.yunasa.org>
A unique summer camp experience for highly gifted youth between the ages of 10 and 14 begins July to August.  For application and scholarship information, call (626) 403-8900 or visit the website.   Yunasa, the Lakota word meaning
experience for highly gifted youth whose mission is to teach campers techniques for integrating the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of their lives.  Yunasa is devoted to reminding bright young people that they are more than just intellect.  Yunasa has trained staff who provide campers with a physically and emotionally safe environment where they gain confidence and comfort interacting with peers and are challenged to strive for their personal best while making new friends and having fun.


California Association for the Gifted
1215 K Street, Suite 940
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 441-3999

National Association for Gifted Children
1707 L Street NW, Suite 550
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 785-7268